Increase Operational Efficiency

* Accept payments at the table, curbside for takeout, or on the road for delivery. * Full mobility with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. * Order items directly from the table. * Quickly split checks and add tips. * Send e-receipts or paper receipts with built-in printer.

Build Marketing Programs

*Collect customer email addresses to build a database. *Develop customer profiles, including their menu preferences. *Create intelligent and effective marketing campaigns and promotions.

Improve Online Reputation

*Customer satisfaction surveys with instant manager alerts for low ratings. *Resolve concerns before the customers leave, preventing negative impact to your online reputation. *Integrated with Shift4’s Lighthouse Business Management System, which lets you manage your social media profiles and view online reviews.

Secure Payments

*Accept EMV, contactless, and swipe card payments. *Secured by Shift4’s layered security: EMV, tokenization, and PCI-validated point-to-point encryption

Accept Payments Anywhere with SKYTAB mobile

SkyTab will increase your efficiency, help you build marketing campaigns, protect and manage your online reputation and have you taking secure payments wherever you need.