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Blue Water's Cash Discount Program eliminates merchant processing fees for businesses. The total transaction (cost of goods/services + non-cash adjustment) is deposited into the merchant’s account and the non-cash adjustment fee is automatically redirected to the processor eliminating the large monthly debit merchants typically incur. The merchant keeps their money!

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Leading Credit Card Processing Technology

Technology and the needs of businesses change, that’s why we continue to be at the forefront of technology in the payment industry. Not only do we support our direct processing, we offer a high feature payment gateway, EMV software, and mobile payment solutions. All these solutions are supported in house by our support team.

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NET ZERO cost - On line sales can increase your revenue by over 30%. E Commerce allows you to increase revenue while lowering cost leading to greater profit. Expand your brand in the cloud and create repeat business through data retention and marketing plans - included with On Line Ordering! Contactless ordering, payment and delivery is a necessity now more than ever.

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